About us

Brad Hiles Constructions has over 12 years’ experience in the building industry, and has proven time and time again that we will deliver high quality projects, even in the most challenging work environment.

We never lose sight of what matters: our client. We care about creating long lasting relationships, which means continuing to exceed your expectations and sticking to your time frames and budget.

We will ensure complete safety at all stages of the project. We consistently follow the proper practices, maintain insurances and work with highly trained personnel who are confident in Senior First Aid & OHS procedures. We will make sure these are in place without compromising on other key aspects of your project.

We have tickets and qualifications for the following:


Senior First Aid

Electrical Testing and Tagging

$20 Million Public Liability

We have built strong relationships with various local trades and suppliers over the years. We continue to grow these relationships so that we can keep delivering our excellent service and products for our clients.

At Brad Hiles Constructions, we believe that the little things make a big difference. We’ll re-cut that length of architrave because the mitre wasn’t just right, and colour match the silicon on your splashback (because the white silicon didn’t quite match the off white tiles). We’ll make sure the grout lines match up in the bathroom. In short, we work hard to make sure the best project possible is handed over at completion.

Some might call us over the top — we call it perfection.
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